Bluefuse helps companies innovate-

By Liberating Minds:

           We improve creative thinking through TRIZ principles

           We improve creative expression through speaking skills

           Leaders learn to build and nurture an innovative culture

By Focusing Investments:

           Fund innovation through improved fire fighting and continuous improvement

           Fundamental project management highlights issues needing innovative solutions

           Silos collaborate to implement the most innovative concepts

Ever been told, “we need to be more innovative!”?

Innovation  TRIZ creative thinking


Facilitation collaboration



Innovate innovating innovative creative create six sigma continuous improvement SPC

LIBERATE THE MIND                                                                 FOCUS THE INVESTMENT

Start where ever you are

You, your employees, your colleagues, your management and your family are a work in progress. Dancing between the high performance of the known and the risky creation of the unknown is the nature of 21st century competition.

Effectively tapping into every part of everyone’s creative potential ironically requires a safe environment of known processes and competencies. This allows the freedom to venture into new and innovative products, services, and processes.

BLUEFUSE can help.  We deliver training that communicates the science of creativity known as TRIZ in clear terms that can be immediately applied to product or service opportunities.

We also deliver a TRIZ influenced portfolio of foundational skills.  By approaching public speaking, project management, problem solving, and leadership development within the theme of innovation, participants become aware of the dance.

There is time to play and explore. And there is time to commit, define, and produce. Both are important; the dance is tough, the rewards can be spectacular.